jenn and i watched the lego movie the other day. we both loved it. lots of fun. i’ve had everything is awesome stuck in my head since.

i love ridiculously simple bubblegum pop music. when there’s no pretension, no acting like they’re actually saying super important things, when it’s just straight ahead fun, that’s the stuff i really dig. interesting musical subtleties still help of course, but only as long as it’s not done in a “look how clever we are” kind of way. it’s best when those neat details feel more like someone having a good time fucking around with a song, coming up with cool things to add to it. that’s how i feel about everything is awesome: it’s fun, catchy, interesting, unpretentious. that’s just dandy.

there’s a fair amount of pop music i like for similar reasons. i love a lot of stuff by japan’s puffy ami yumi. i think nice buddy was their first song that i was like WOW over and i’ve since found quite a few more by them i also like. like the theme song for their cartoon tv show:

and of course, i’m a huge babymetal fan. they obviously venture a little further outside of traditional pop territories but i still think that’s basically what they’re making: fun, quirky, catchy pop music. just with distorted guitars and some background growling vocals now and then.

as much as i tend to primarily listen to death metal, i really believe there is a time and place for most things, and bubblegum pop is no exception. people who can’t dig on madonna‘s immaculate collection now and then are probably taking themselves far too seriously for my liking.


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