everything is offensive pt II

i bitched about this a while back but it just keeps coming up because so many people today are so concerned with being uber PC. it’s like a competition to see who can take the most offense at the most things, and i hate it.

last night jenn and i watched django unchained. we both loved the first half but the second half really slowed down and kind of meandered too much. it was still pretty good though.

but today i’m reading about the movie online and see all kinds of criticisms from black people, from white people, from “violence in movies is terrible” wienies, historians…everyone with delicate sensibilities has found some unique way to take great offense at the movie. kudos, you sniveling geeks.


“world’s biggest pussy”

here’s what i took from django unchained: slavery and racism in general are cruel, senseless, horrible things. of course i felt that way before i watched the film but i think it did a great job of giving examples (some obviously exaggerated, of course) of the sort of atrocities one might have stumbled across in the deep south back then. how anyone can take that as racist towards blacks or whites is beyond me.

now, no one said the movie is a historically accurate documentary. like most movies, it’s made to be entertaining and thought-provoking — not a textbook. that’s common sense, no one should have to tell anyone else that. expecting any more from it is like expecting a quality history lesson from a styx concept album. it’s fucking stupid. so why expect it from a tarantino film?

the other object of my hatred right now is a podcast jenn listens to, stuff mom never told you. i have a hard time listening to it because the hosts are constantly on tirades about stigmas and gender issues where i don’t see it. for instance, the other day they were going on about how ronda rousey shouldn’t have shamed women for using lube for sex.

well, fuck.

to start with, i don’t think rousey shamed anyone. i think she gave her fucking opinion on a topic she was asked about. it’s too bad some people don’t like it but just because hyper sensitive crybabies take offense at it doesn’t qualify it as shaming. here’s what rousey said on the topic of what she likes a guy to do in the bedroom:

“Take his time. In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, than you’re being lazy… and you’re not taking your time.”

to me, she’s saying that guys need to put more effort in. she’s saying MEN are being lazy, not women. she reiterated this later:

“If you need the lube, you’re not the dude…I’m sorry, I thought I was doing all the girls a favor, making sure that their guys put in some effort.”

i think it’s clear that, if anything, she’s ‘shaming’ men rather than women, yet the ladies at stuff mom never told you still took offense at it. what a couple of uptight, egomaniacal, PC-obsessed freaks. wait, that statement is offensive to prudes, egomaniacs, PC-ers, and social misfits! i shouldn’t have said it.

i don’t even like the term ‘shaming.’ everyone is throwing it around lately. you can’t say shit without potentially shaming someone, at least in the eyes of the PC brigade. well guess what, i can be a pompous, more-sensitive-than-thou PC jackoff too: i’m tired of shame shaming! i have a right to speak my opinion, regardless whether it’s ignorant or hurtful, so i shouldn’t be shamed into silence! when PC-ers tell me that i’m shaming someone, they’re not considering how i feel, and how they’re depriving me of my rights to freedom of speech without fear of judgement, without fear of being ostracized! when someone says that i’m shaming someone, they’re bullying ME! bullying a bully is still bullying! two wrongs don’t make a right!

i can’t even joke about it anymore, it’s too nauseating because it’s so close to the truth, so close to how they really act. it’s insipid.

my tantrum over, i retreat to my lair once again…for now.


a la legion, one of my fave biblical characters.


One thought on “everything is offensive pt II

  1. I listen to a DIFFERENT podcast (although I have heard a few epsiodes of Stuff Mom Never Told You) and on an episode a while back the hosts were insisting that shame was mostly made up (in that it’s applied externally) — they were talking about how they didn’t think it was much of a *real* feeling, more something that people are conditioned to feel by society etc. As someone that doesn’t have a lot of struggle with shame (live shamelessly! it’s exhilarating!) I tend to agree with the basic premise (the podcast is called Guys We Fucked by the way — they also often rant about how everything offends everyone — both hosts are female comedians, so comedians usually have some sort of relevant POV on offense)

    (so many asides)
    (all the parentheses)

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