always make lemonade

a few weeks ago i met a 50-ish yr old guy who had basically lost everything — all his money, his house, his wife. he was totally depressed and at a loss as to what he could do to turn his life around.

i’ve thought before that if i wound up in a similar position, i hope that i would be able to see the positive aspects of my situation. if i were that guy, i think it would be a great time to say “fuck owning a house, fuck the job i’ve had for 30 years, fuck my ex-wife. i’m going on a road trip for the rest of my life.” what a great excuse to try living like a nomad. there are so many towns i’ve never heard of that i’d love to wander through and maybe spend some time in if it felt right, so many unexpected experiences i’d be excited to happen across. i could work odd jobs here and there so i could eat and keep a vehicle on the road, sleep in the car, sleep in a tent, whatever. or find my way into the wilderness somewhere and learn to live off the land. whatever. the thing is, if your situation changes drastically, it may be necessary to radically change your goals and expectations in order to reach them, feel successful, and ultimately be happy. if you’re not able to do that, you’re going to be fucking miserable.

i don’t care if that sounds like a lame ‘always look on the bright side’ outlook. i think it’s a real asset to be able do that, especially with situations that a lot of people might wilt at. despite what my wife might tell you, i think i’m pretty darn positive. at least, i am when things are shitty.

maybe i just like shitty situations. maybe i’m not actually being positive, maybe i just relish being unhappy so much that it makes me happy.

such a goth.


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