good dudes on the web

yesterday i was looking shit up online, trying to learn how to fix my diesel truck, how to disassemble pallets quickly so i can use the wood to build other shit. and guess what, i found exactly what i was looking for, thanks to incredibly helpful dudes who posted informative vids. today while zipping through pallet deconstruction, i thought about how fantastic it was that not only is there someone knowledgeable on such an obscure, specific topic, but he invested so much time and effort in making an instructional video to show others how to do it. how selfless. it’s awesome.

here’s that guy, in case you also want to appreciate his knowledge and helpful nature, or want to deconstruct pallets. he’s annoying but darn it, he really helped me out so i don’t hold it against him at all.

then there’s this guy. he owns a shop in the US that specializes in ford powerstroke diesels. you think he’d get his fill of powerstrokes after working on them all week long, but nope. he loves them so much, he wants to prevent other powerstroke owners from having breakdowns and needing to bring them into his shop in the first place. even though he’s in the business of fixing powerstrokes, he’d rather spend his time making informative, useful videos so that you don’t have to take your truck to him in the future. and he’s no dummy. he’s a wealth of information on them, without a doubt one of the best resources on the web. plus i love his plainspeak: “if there’s any sort of odometer fraud when you buy a truck from a dealer, you’ve got him by the balls.” i love frank, simple talk.

the internet is so full of selfies and ‘look what i’m having for lunch’ updates and various other sickening trash that makes me depressed, that i forget how awesome it can be when used for good. just like these guys are doing. then it makes me really, really happy.

kudos, gentlemen.


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