go die

a calgary woman with ALS was just granted the right to physician-assisted death by the supreme court of canada. then she followed through with it. i think that’s great. she was basically completely fucked already and only going to suffer worse and worse until she died, so it makes perfect sense to me to let her and her doctors end her life.



it’s still a crime for docs to assist death or suicide in canada but the supreme court can allow exemptions if certain criteria are met. in other words, it’s still really fucking tricky to get the nod from the gov’t to go ahead with this.

but a spokesperson for the council of canadians with disabilities is worried about all of this and just said, “our concern is that there still needs to be protection for vulnerable persons.”

that’s a god damned dumb thing to say. are the requirements of taking a case all the way to the supreme court, meeting stringent criteria, and getting the ok from a judge not adequate protection for people who may not actually want to have a doc help them die? you think someone who doesn’t actually want to die will jump through all those hoops and convince a fucking supreme court judge? give your head a shake.

my guess is that the council of canadians with disabilities is either a religious-based group who will simply never accept physician-assisted suicide, or they’re just hungry for publicity and had to use this opportunity to say something, ANYTHING — no matter how dumb — and get their name out there. because at this point, the odds of being granted physician-assisted suicide in canada are still very much stacked against the people suffering, and suggesting otherwise is fucking asinine.


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