why do i hate hipsters?

yesterday, a friend told me that i don’t actually hate hipsters. and i thought about it, and realized: yes, yes i do. i definitely hate hipsters.


kill em all

but not exclusively. i hate hipsters because i hate everyone who lacks their own identity and prefer to hop on board with whatever everyone else around them is doing. hipsters are just as bad as metal heads or country girls or ballers or red necks or jocks or hippies or any other mental weaklings who jump in with any given crowd. those people don’t actually know themselves. they’re just dressing like a recognizable group and hoping to be accepted by that group. rest assured, the same people who are hipsters today would have been hippies in the 60s, glam rockers in the 80s, grunge rockers in the 90s, etc. whatever it takes to fit in.

i think that’s spineless. and i don’t like spineless non-people. they’re boring. they’re typical. i feel embarrassed for them.

so yeah, i’m quite confident when i say i hate hipsters. just as much as i hate every other masked, crawling worm of a non-person.


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