craigslist bullshit – part 87 (pretty much)

a few days ago, i posted our old shoe rack on craigslist and the various other local used stuff sites. it’s a fine shoe rack, really big with lots of room for jenn’s army of shoes, but we always thought it was ugly and i just replaced it with a nicer one so time to get rid of the thing.

cue the usual craigslist bullshit.


here it is, my ball and chain.

it’s a cheaply made shoe rack so i’m only asking $10 for the thing. i say in the ad, “located in shawnigan. you come pick it up,” because i’m sick of lazy motherfuckers emailing me, saying “you’re so far out of the way, can you bring it to victoria for me?” as if driving 45 minutes each way is more convenient for me than it is for them. fuck off. you want it so god damn bad, come and get it. i’ll burn it before i pay money in gas costs to deliver it to you.

but that didn’t stop ‘dave’ from asking me to meet him at costco since it’s just such a far drive from his place to shawnigan. i said sorry, you come get it. he said ok, can you hold it for me so i don’t drive out there to find you’ve sold it to someone else? i said absolutely. he said he’d be here at noon today.

at 12:20 pm, no sign of dave. i called his phone #. his kid answered, said his dad wasn’t there, and that his dad didn’t have a cell phone. i said ok, i guess i’ll just wait around for your mindless fucking loser of a dad for the rest of the day. basically, i said that. just in a polite way.

i did a bunch of chores around the house and at 1:00 pm, i emailed the next person who had expressed interest in it. 20 min late was annoying but an hour was a no-show, in my books. i didn’t hear anything else from dave, who had so desperately wanted me to hold the shoe rack for him.

…until 6:41 pm.

that’s when he emailed me from the shawnigan village to say he tried to find my place several times but couldn’t, and now he had to work in an hour, so he was heading home.

i have so many questions. if dave doesn’t have a cell phone, how was he emailing me from the shawnigan village? if he was supposed to be at my house at noon, why was he still in shawnigan trying to find my place at 6:41 pm? and if he did have a cell phone or a computer of some sort, why didn’t he call my phone # which i had emailed to him yesterday with the note, “call me if you have any troubles finding my place”?

but really, the most basic question is: how did he fail to print or write down directions to my place? how did he completely fail to even make it to my house?

dave, you are an inept shit.

someone else is supposedly coming for the shoe rack tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “craigslist bullshit – part 87 (pretty much)

  1. I’d either give the thing away to a friend or family, or throw it away rather than have strangers come to my house for just ten bucks … especially if they acted like that!

    1. i thought about donating it to a thrift store but i’m too cheap.

      i hate dealing with idiots like this too but i’m trying to not lose faith in the human race so no matter how many horrible, unpleasant experiences i have through craigslist, i just keep trying again and again. you might say i’m a glutton for punishment, or a masochist.

  2. Good post. I used to use Craigslist a lot. But seems it’s gotten worse with all the no-shows and the stress of people replying to my ads and then they ignore my texts, etc.

    I use now, but it’s the same bs. People tell me their interested in my product, we chat via texts a few times and then nothing. Yesterday a lady said she wanted to come in a few hours and asked for my address. I gave it to her. Nothing. So I texted her again and asked her to please let me know what time she was coming or if she changed her mind. Nothing!

    I just don’t understand this collective mindset. I’ve always been the one who shows up and on time.

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