“give me my smokestacks and cancers”

i just read about some ontario communities that don’t want wind turbine farms anywhere near them. they’re pissed that the province is apparently going ahead and putting them near them anyway.

i can understand being pissed when your government doesn’t listen to you. what i can’t understand though is opposing long overdue development of cleaner energy resources.

do some people actually prefer to keep burning coal, oil, and gas for power? if so, why? do those supporters not give a shit about the known and well-documented dangers and ridiculous amounts of pollution associated with that stuff?

the main complaints people have about wind farms is that they’re ugly, the sound is annoying, and they kill lots of birds and bats. i think those are stupid arguments since the health effects of burning coal, oil, and gas are obviously much bigger problems. regardless, since they were first introduced, turbines have become much quieter, and designers have made changes so they are safer for birds and other wildlife. there’s not much anyone can do to convince others that wind farms aren’t ugly but you also can’t convince me that smokestacks belching clouds of black smoke aren’t ugly so i guess that’s a stalemate.


lovely. i can feel my lung cancer growing.

but personally, jenn and i have driven through areas in southern washington state with wind farms, and we love them. they remind me of sentinels on hillsides, quietly standing guard.

i think those ontario communities should get their heads out of their asses and be happy to be finally moving forward, taking real steps to leave a cleaner world for their kids.

christ, i don’t even have kids and i lose sleep over this shit.


i’ll take this over smog and smokestacks any day.


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