racist, mysoginistic, white male christians

i think a real christian is someone who believes in whatever biblical shit they happen to believe in (there are so many denominations that interpret the text so differently, it’s tough to reconcile and accept — especially considering the bloody conflicts throughout history between these sects, but that’s another kettle of fish), and are kind and accepting of other people and their beliefs, life choices, etc. i know some christians like this and i love em. they’re good people, and being a good person is the single most important detail to me in anyone, christian or otherwise.

on the other hand, i’m sick of people who claim to be christian who are also some of the most intolerant, hateful, racist, misogynistic pieces of shit i’ve had the displeasure of meeting. i tend to see these traits in white males. there are a few i have to see on a semi-regular basis and they drive me up the wall. i hate seeing them treat non-whites like shit. i hate seeing them treat every woman who isn’t a fox like shit. i hate hearing them talk shit about their spouses. i hate hearing them talk shit about everyone around them. these guys are miserable, hateful sods — the exact opposite of what they claim to be striving for.

i suppose i should be more sympathetic to them. they’re probably like that because they’ve had some shitty upbringing, like lousy parents or depression issues. but guess what. ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own bullshit, so while i can understand why people turn out the way they do, i can’t accept that stuff as an excuse for their behaviour. we all have to accept responsibility for our own actions. that’s obviously tougher for people who’ve had a lousy hand dealt to them but that’s life — it’s not a level playing field. we all have different advantages and disadvantages. so i don’t have a ton of sympathy for anyone, really, regardless of upbringing. i think that if you suck and you’re over 19 yrs old, it’s basically all your fault.


i think losers are losers because they’re too weak to choose to do any better.

an aspect about this that really bothers me is that because i’m also a white male, hateful white male christians like me just fine. hell, i could be an alcoholic piece of white trash that abuses my wife and they’d still think i’m fine. so they talk to me lots and think we’re pals. that stinks. i don’t want them to think that i think we’re pals. i want them to know i think they’re cowardly, small-minded scum.

the problem is i can’t come right out and say that to people i have to deal with so regularly. so instead, i try to maintain a cool arm’s reach away from them at all times. like a quiet “i don’t like you.”

it’s completely fucking unfulfilling.


“you think you’re a christian? you think you’re a fucking christian?”


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