two more entitled craigslist idiots

a few days ago, i posted an ad for two free bags of mixed incandescent light bulbs. i should have known better. i’ve consistently found that the cheaper you sell something for on craigslist, the more shitrats you attract. i didn’t think that would apply to free light bulbs though. i thought some people would want them for the charity they volunteer at, or they would be good people trying to get back on their feet.

ever the naive babe.

i saw one email about them in my inbox from a guy i’ve met a few times who runs a small local music venue. i thought, “perfect. i’m happy to help this cause out,” even though i think the guy himself is a pompous twit. but all the email said was

the Duncan […] could use them

i was mad instantly. like, ok, the venue could use them. so what? is he asking me to DELIVER my free light bulbs too? is two bags of free light bulbs not good enough? so i responded

great. come get them. i’m around tomorrow all day. my address is […]. my phone @ is […], if you need to text or call me.

what time can you come by?

guess what. no response. surprise! i think i’m going to email him again, just to try to get a real response and see if he’s really as entitled as i think he is.

next i got an email about the lights that only said

jim @ [phone #]

i thought such a brief email was an ominous sign but i bit anyway. called the #, got a dude who sounded like he just woke up. i said “hi, is this jim?” he said “no.” silence. i said, “ok, is jim around?” again, “no.” silence. i was about 7/10 frustrated now so i said “well, tell jim i’m calling him about the light bulbs.” the sleepy guy said “ok.” i said, “do you want to take a note?” he said “ok.” i said, “my phone # is […].”

he said, “ok.”

i was fuming because i knew full well he gave zero shits about any of this, had taken no note, and wasn’t going to pass anything on to jim. i’m sure he had some video games to play, pot to smoke, online porn to beat off to. you know, important loser stuff.

unsurprisingly, jim never called me back. instead, i got this email from him today.

jim@[phone #] emailed earlier in week

as if i’ve been blowing ol’ jim off! so i responded

i called you back and left a message with some guy. call me if you want them, [phone #].

i even texted him and said “call or text me if you want the light bulbs.”

but no response.

i think i might stop responding to anyone who strikes me as a shitrat. it’s not even because i’m that frustrated with dealing with them, it’s that i don’t think they deserve free or cheap stuff. if they’re assholes, they can go pay full price for shit and stay broke till the day they die for all i care.

yes, that’s what i’m going to do. i might end up hanging on to these light bulbs for a while but i think i will feel better about it overall.


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