why do i dream of kites

the other night i had a weird dream. jenn and i were going to be going on a vacation where we would ride motorcycles from alaska to russia. in preparation for the trip, my dad and i were doing a test run of the motorcycles and our motorcycle armour/flotation suits out on ice floes in the bering land bridge. it was night and we rode the bikes out onto the ice until the ice eventually gave way and we fell in, and then we were bobbing around in our suits, in the darkness, in the frigid arctic waters (i don’t know if that area is even technically ‘arctic’ but it was in my dream). i don’t know what happened to the bikes but we weren’t worried about them for some reason. we swam between chunks of ice for a while until i was startled by a moose that i hadn’t noticed was right next to me in the water. it got startled too, and swam away from me. then i started noticing that in addition to ice, the water was full of shredded moose brains and intestines. i wasn’t super grossed out though, it seemed to make sense in the dream. i just pushed past and through the stuff with a ‘yuck’ and kept swimming through the frozen night.

i woke up and thought, ‘what a fucking weird dream.’ but i know where many aspects of it come from.

  • the motorcycle road trip, especially the alaska/russia connection, is probably due to the fact jenn and i recently watched long way round, the 10-episode documentary that follows ewan mcgregor and charley boorman on a motorcycle trip from scotland to russia, and then from alaska to new york.
  • the moose, moose brains, and moose intestines are likely because jenn just told me that matt and nicki found a dead moose in their yard at their new home in smithers.
  • the riding of motorcycles on ice, and the ice giving way eventually but this not being alarming, is probably inspired by a youtube video i recently watched for an AWESOME amphibious off-road vehicle a russian recently built. check it out:

the only part about the dream that i didn’t mention yet and doesn’t make any sense to me is that when dad and i were looking at a map of alaska and russia before we got out on the ice, it was a mirror image of the real thing: instead of finger of the bering land bridge arcing westward to russia, alaska was on the east coast of north america, with the land bridge reaching eastward to the fatherland. i don’t think this necessarily means or is symbolic of anything but what a weird detail.

anyway, the reason i wanted to write this down was because it seemed like such a crazy dream initially but after some thought, i realized each element was easily linked to notable details of my recent waking life, so it wasn’t very weird at all. i guess the particular combination of things or the overall vibe of the dream was a little weird, but that’s the most ‘weird’ credit i could give it.

i think it’s neat when dreams are obviously nothing more than our brains just fucking around when they have nothing better to do.


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