an urge to fix shit that ain’t broken, aka making life more difficult for no good reason

jenn’s got a little old civic that she loves. it’s a real beater. we got it for $1000 several years ago. it’s rusty, dented, leaks when it rains, stinks like wet dog, has high kms, etc. but it drives great and gets better mileage than most new cars (it averages 17 km/L, aka 5.8 L/100 km, aka 40 mpg), and she loves driving it. she says it’s like driving a go kart.

so we have absolutely no reason to replace it. and yet i can’t stop myself from perpetually surfing craigslist and looking for possible replacements. there’s an old nissan sentra wagon nearby with low kms that looks well taken care of that i could probably get for $1000.


there’s something fantastic about ugly 80s station wagons that i just can’t quite put my finger on.

why do i do this? why do i spend any time at all looking at and considering stuff like this when the shit we have is just fine? i wonder if it’s car culture, or if it’s consumer culture, or maybe human nature, or maybe i’m a hoarder at heart. i don’t know. but i fucking hate it. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i love looking at 80s station wagons, but i hate the mental turmoil that goes along with considering a swap like this. “what if something goes wrong with it soon after buying it, it looks so cool and it would be nice to have more space in her car, the civic has been so reliable so far though and doesn’t need anything,” blah blah blah. i wish i could just stop looking at these things.

my brain is my own worst enemy. i should get it removed.



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