R.I.P. prince

prince died a few days ago. it’s a god damned shame. he was an immensely talented, fiercely uncompromising individual. for years, i’ve said that i felt that prince was a living michelangelo, an artist who will be remembered throughout human history. i think he was that revolutionary, that groundbreaking, that gifted as an artist, musician, and performer.

like everyone else on the planet, i’ve been revisiting some of my fave prince tracks since he died. man, there are so many good ones. here’s a list of just a few of my faves, in no particular order.

  • let’s go crazy – i feel typical liking such a huge hit so much but i think it’s great. it’s fun and rocking yet also serious and real as all hell.
  • take me with you – a really overlooked track. those female vocals are fantastic. i don’t think they’re the most technically perfect performance but the character and energy of them has always stood out to me as remarkable.
  • pink cashmere – i think this is my fave prince track of all time. it’s one of the few songs i’ve heard that actually sounds romantic. the production is beautifully smooth and suits the mood of the song perfectly. the guitar solo toward the end is tasteful and lovely.
  • diamonds and pearls – this song is corny enough that i shouldn’t love it like i do but it’s just so fucking pretty and touching.
  • pussy control – this was the song that started my prince fascination. me and the big man were at a shithole strip club in nanaimo called the commercial. it was a tiny rat’s nest, hole in the wall place. there were only 3 or 4 meat seats and the plumbing pipes hung down over the stripper’s stage so they had to duck under them. it was horrible and gross but so funny. anyway, we went there when we were about 20 and i think some girl must have stripped to pussy control, and big man was like “this is prince!” i was like “i don’t care” but then i heard the falsetto in the chorus and i thought, “this is weird. huh. neat.” from there, i checked out more and more prince and quickly fell madly in love with his stuff. so while pussy control certainly isn’t his best work in my mind, it holds a special place in my heart for being the song that began my prince fascination.
  • trust – another super overlooked track, seated inconspicuously in the middle of the batman soundtrack. driving, full of energy, and i LOOOOVE the part where the music stops and prince softly sings “i want yooouuuuu wiiiittthhhh mmmeeeeee” in the way that only he can.
  • batdance – schizophrenic, heavy, dark. perfectly suited for the batman movie.

i also have to mention nothing compares 2 u as performed by sinead o’connor, when you were mine as performed by cyndi lauper, and manic monday by the bangles. iĀ loved all 3 of those songs in big ways even before i knew that prince wrote each of them.

i hope prince’s last moments in that elevator were peaceful, that he knew what was coming and he was alright with it. as a man who created a mountain of culturally significant art, who basically dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others through his pain-staking craft, i believe he more than earned a peaceful end.



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