stuck stink

why do only horrible smells get stuck in my nose? whenever i catch a whiff of a baby’s dirty diaper or a scared snake or a bag of blood that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter for a few days, i can’t get the odious stench out of my beak for the rest of the day. but when i bake cookies or light jack-o-lanterns, those delightful scents are gone the second i leave the room. why? is the smell really still in there or is it only a visceral memory of the smell? am i so subconsciously hyper-focused on negative things that i’m convincing my senses those negative things are still there, long after they’re actually gone? that would be a real mindfuck, like seeing a bad car accident in the morning and then hallucinating and seeing the corpses for the rest of the day. if that happened, i would think i was losing my mind.

so am i losing my mind, or am i really still smelling those UV lights that disinfected my shoes this morning?




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