family lies

i bought a hat for a buddy off of ebay last week. the seller sent the wrong hat though so i emailed them and asked how we can go about exchanging it for the correct one. i got several days of silence so i emailed them again, this time through ebay. still no response all of yesterday.

for someone who runs an ebay store, you think they’d be on top of this kind of shit.

finally, i got a response this morning. guess what the seller told me.

Sorry for the delay, I have been out of town for a family emergency and I have had very little internet access so I got a few days behind.

bull fucking shit. i already bitched about this a long time ago, right here. that’s how common this ‘family emergency’ line is. i don’t know what kind of families these people must have or what kind of drama they must love in order to have so many fucking family emergencies going on. i can’t think of the last ‘family emergency’ i had. sure, BAD STUFF HAPPENS every now and then but i certainly never call it a ‘family emergency,’ and i don’t put off or bail on any prior commitments because of them. and if i did, i’d be a normal human being and let people know i was delayed rather than give them some bullshit line after the fact.

people are sniveling, crawling, insipid cowards. i want to become the second coming of vlad the impaler and impose a strict, harsh society where people are expected to live up to their word, to do what they say they’re going to do without bailing and making up stupid lies and excuses, or else they end up with a fucking spear through their chests. that’s what this comes down to.


“ted here had a family emergency and couldn’t come get the rest of the firewood for a month.”
“kill him.”



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