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i thought of two more songs that make my ‘fave songs of all time’ list: scarborough fair by simon and garfunkel, and the first day of spring by the gandharavas.

i’ve loved scarborough fair since i was a little kid. my mom listened to simon and garfunkel back then, and that song always stood out to me. it was like a hazy, haunting, dream-like memory of hot summers, yellow fields, old world shit. it was featured in an episode of the wonder years and that doesn’t hurt either. i have so much nostalgia for that show on its own so pair it up with a song i also have huge nostalgia for and that’s, like, A LOT OF NOSTALGIA.

the first day of spring is sort of a weird one. i came across it as a teenager when it was getting lots of airplay on muchmusic in the mid/late 90’s. it was very alternative rock, which i wasn’t generally into, but it was so much darker, more sinister, more mysterious than its contemporary alt rock competition, so it gradually wore me down until i completely loved it. i dont know what the hell the song is about but it’s creepy and sad as fuck. i love the video for the same reasons too. my fave parts are the woman’s face covered in white powder that slowly turns to the camera and then opens her eyes wide, the end when the guy rips all the tubes and shit out of his body, and shots of the band jumping around in hockey jerseys like canadian college alt rock freaks. so weird, so awesome.

listening to all these great songs lately makes me want to do something with them when i die. if i were to have a funeral (i don’t want one, or a celebration of life, or anything at all actually) i would want these songs played there. maybe i’ll ask jenn to put these on a CD or ipod and leave them playing next to wherever my ashes are dumped or whatever. she wouldn’t even need to stick around, just hit play and then leave it there if she doesn’t want to sit through an hour of music she hates. that would be nice. i like the idea of my remains getting to hear these things i love so much one last time. i also like the idea of them playing with no living people around to hear them. i love things being done for no audience. it’s so desolate, lonely, sad, beautiful.

looks like i need to update my will.


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