how crappy is canadian tire? 5.

i just bought new tires for our truck at canadian tire and it was a fucking fiasco from start to finish. what went wrong, you ask?

  1. they put the wrong tires on. i wanted the total terrain A/T2 tires but they put on total terrain APL’s. they sound similar to the layperson but they’re actually totally different.
  2. they told me it would take an hour to put the correct tires on…
  3. …but after an hour and ten minutes, they told me they could only find 3 of the 4 tires they supposedly had in stock. keep in mind they were supposed to be done installing the tires now, not running around the shop looking for them.
  4. they offered me a set of the next tire up in terms of quality, at no extra charge, so after over two hours i finally had my truck my back.
  5. the guy neglected to tell me that the tires i got have a limited time $70 rebate offer. it was only by looking at the tires online afterward that i learned about the rebate. what a salesman.


i’m honestly shocked at how fucking stupid and careless the staff were to make so many errors. bill suggested i call the manager and explain all of this to them. he thinks they’ll probably give me a gift card or something to make up for all the bullshit. i think he’s right, but even if he’s not, i think it’s a great idea to call a supervisor and say, “you’ve got a serious infestation of imbeciles working your shop,” so that they can go and give them all the talking-to that everyone despises hearing. if i can spread this misery around a little bit, i think i’ll feel just a little bit better about it.


of ineptitude and customer disappointment.

*edit – i made a mistake when i first wrote this. i originally thought they also overcharged me for the tires they wound up giving me in the end. i double checked this before i was going to call the manager today though, and i’m glad i did because it turned out i was wrong. so i took that part out of this entry. as terrible as the service was, i don’t think i need to lie to make canadian tire look even worse. they do just fine at giving themselves a bad rap.*


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