plucky is dead

one of my hens, plucky, just died. this is the second one to die. the other one died about a month ago, and it was a total surprise. that was little red. she had always been very healthy. plucky was a runt though, very small and skinny, and plagued by health problems. for a while all the eggs she laid were shell-less, just a yolk and egg white in a soft sack that usually broke open. several weeks ago, she was lethargic as all hell and spent several days doing absolutely nothing, just standing in the bushes in the same spot all day. one night she didn’t even go in the coop. she just stood outside all night.

lately though, she had seemed to rally past whatever had been bothering her. she was lively and hungry again, although she had diarrhea for the last week or so. i fed her probiotic yogurt to help with the runny shits but i guess it was all for naught.

i’m not sad though. i wasn’t sad when little red died either. ok, i was a little sad then but it was because she was so social and curious with me. she was more like a pet. plucky was more of a classic chicken in that she did her chicken thing, i liked watching her, and that was that. she didn’t like to be held, didn’t like to get too close to people if she could avoid it. and i realize now that i’m grateful for her aloof demeanor. it makes her death easier to stomach. maybe i should ask all my loved ones to treat me similarly.

on an unrelated note, i realized that i somehow forgot to include everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears in my list of favourite songs of all time. i don’t know how i forgot because i think about it frequently. it’s another one that i’ve loved since childhood. there’s something ambiguous about the music that i never get tired of. the bass playing that D pedal tone while the unmistakable 80’s synth plays an A, then a G — that’s not like WHOAH, CRAZY but let’s not forget that there’s a C# in an A chord, and that’s just a semitone off from a D. in pop music, that generally means it should sound out of key, incorrect, ugly. but there are times when people pull that sort of stuff off well and it adds all kinds of interesting layers and textures that we don’t normally hear in pop music. and the whole song is like that. it’s full of cool musical shit that makes me go, hey, that’s neat.

plus i love the sound of all the synths. this is another example of a song that sounds like drowning peacefully to me. i’ve mentioned that before when talking about the death of art by renaisance. there’s one other tune that gives me that same feeling, take my breath away by berlin, and i love that one too. i’m such a sucker for any song that sounds like drowning peacefully. i wish i could say why.

anyway, everybody wants to rule the world is fucking wicked.


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