everyone, run out and get a dnr right now.

my friend’s parents are 88. one of them has recently become really weak and sickly. they took him to the hospital and found out he’s riddled with cancer, and now he and the family are in shock. they can’t believe he’s going to die.

but he’s 88. i wonder how can anyone be surprised that they’re near death when they’re 88. shit, every day of my life i think about how i could get hit by a car at any second, or fall over dead from a brain aneurysm. death is an ever-present possibility for everyone, regardless of age, and its likelihood only increases with age so i’m shocked when old people are shocked that they’re about to die. what did they think was going to happen?

bearing that in mind, i wish everyone would get a ‘do not resuscitate’ order on the day they hit 75, or whenever they begin to become infirm. i don’t get why the frail and weak would want to cling to life. what the hell are they clinging to, what would they want to be revived for? more time to spend sitting listlessly in a wheelchair, pissing themselves, on life support? jesus.

no one should be afraid. that kind of life is far worse than death.


2 thoughts on “everyone, run out and get a dnr right now.

  1. why 75? why on earth wait that long? Why not get a DNR at age 40? that’s middle aged after all and probably never going to do anything important if they haven’t already? or why not get one at 50? or 60? why wait that long? a lot of people’s families don’t live that long so maybe they should get one much earlier…gotta be prepared after all, so let’s just get a DNR at the age of 21……yea that should do it. Why try to bring back a 21 year old after all? what good are they going to be sitting in a wheelchair after that OD? or after being hit by that car? why do you assume that someone at 75 is frail or weak? John Glen at age 80 went back into space…Lew Hollander completed the iron Man competition in Hawaii at the age of 88. you are correct, of course, that people need to have a DNR and a living will which specifies how they wish treatment to be done. Your delivery was…..well to be as nice as I can…immature. Have a great life and may nothing awful happen to you.

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