let the gorillas go, lock up the people instead

there is a news article that has been floating around for several days that i’ve been avoiding because i knew it would only upset me. but today i decided fuck it, i should be informed and aware of the awful truths of the world we live in, so i read the damn thing. in a shocking twist, my misanthropy has intensified. who’d have guessed?

the news article i’m referring to is the one about a 4-yr old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. the gorilla was subsequently shot dead for fear it might harm the child.

i realize i’m not going to say anything that countless other people haven’t already said but i think the fact that this situation even occurred shows that more people need to say this shit, to ask these questions, because i think this whole thing could have, and should have, been avoided very easily if only people would think rationally for two fucking seconds.

where were the parents of the 4-yr old boy and why didn’t they stop him from getting in a position where he could fall into a gorilla pit at a zoo?

if gorillas are so dangerous, why is their enclosure at the zoo open?

why do zoos even exist? does anyone who gives it even a moment of thought think that zoos are anything other than prison cells for animals, anything other than absurdly cruel?

fuck shooting the gorilla. they should have shipped all the animals home, burnt the fucking zoo down, and incarcerated every human being that has ever supported any zoo in any way, ever. me included.

down with people.


now we just need to figure out how to make gorillas pay to see us.


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