tra la, tra la

it’s so great to be home from vacation, reading disturbing news articles and getting worked up over them.

this morning, i just read that BC is now liable for up to $508 million to cover the costs of cleaning up after industrial companies that can’t afford to clean up after themselves.

that simple statement seems completely illogical to me. isn’t cleaning up after yourself an intrinsic part of doing business? what legitimate business model includes ‘make fistfuls of money and then declare bankruptcy before having to pay for cleanup’? if companies are operating in a field where expensive cleanups occur with any regularity, why wouldn’t they set aside a contingency fund to cover the costs of those cleanups before they begin operation? and failing that, why wouldn’t the provincial government insist on receiving a similar sort of damage deposit from such a company before the the company starts any work so that, in the event that the company creates a mess it can’t afford to clean up, we taxpayers are not left to cover the costs?

i believe the reason we let companies get away with this shit is that we have a culture where people are so paranoid about ‘job creation,’ ‘sector development,’ and paying their bills today, that we are willing to not only turn a blind eye to environmental catastrophes caused by offending companies but to also cheerfully subsidize those very companies — we let them get away with murder, and pay to let them do it.

we are groveling, sniveling worms at the feet of multi-million dollar industries, and it makes me sick.


oh goodie. more jobs.


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