assorted thoughts

one. this is over a month too late but i’m absolutely psyched about this steroid-free USADA era in UFC. the fact that michael bisping never got a title shot till this year because he was beaten by steroid-using cheats is a fucking travesty, but finally winning the middleweight belt after those injustices just makes his triumph that much sweeter. and as much as i enjoyed all the fights from the wild west days of UFC, i don’t think that any of those results are quite legitimate due to the uneven playing field of users and non-users. now that everyone is starting to come on board and realize they can’t cheat anymore, we’re finally seeing who really is the best, and i find that thrilling.


everyone who called him a gatekeeper for all those years can blow it out their asses. in the new world of clean fighters, he’s proven himself to be one of the best.

two. i don’t think any UFC fighters should be able to use the excuse “my supplement must have been tainted” in order to decrease their penalty for doping. it’s been a year or two since the USADA has been testing fighters and in that time we’ve seen multiple cases of supposedly tainted supplements, so i think it’s reasonable that everyone using supplements should either routinely get those supplements tested so that they know they aren’t accidentally cheating, or they should simply quit using supplements altogether. everyone knows better by now.

three. i learned two days ago that babymetal just performed in seattle last week, and i had no fucking idea about it. i am beside myself with dismay. i checked their website just several months ago and didn’t see anything about a seattle date, and figured any concert announcements would give at least 4-5 months notice of the show, but it turns out i was wrong. this happened once before with dead can dance playing in vancouver. i was just as upset then. it looks like i need to either sign up for annoying email updates or remember to check the websites of a handful of bands more regularly. christ.

four. i felt sluggish, lethargic today. as if i should be getting stuff done but wasn’t motivated enough, and that made me feel a little crummy. then dana and i walked to mason’s and i suddenly felt much better. i was reminded that it’s summer and it’s fun to do nothing in particular. there was a really shitty, really small town-ish sign on mason’s door about a contest celebrating their 60th year of operation. it reminded me of similar tragic, sad signs i’ve seen in tiny stores in tiny towns on road trips with jenn. it was so nice. that’s the sort of thing i love about shawnigan.


here’s a poster jenn and i saw in pe ell, WA. it cracked me up.

i also bought an eat-more candy bar and a piece of smooth black licorice, and those were great too. they’re both a little obscure, very reminiscent of my youth, and obviously super delicious. i rarely see anyone eat those things and i don’t understand why.

i’ll close this entry with an old eat-more commercial that confused and fascinated me as a kid. now i just find it annoying. whatever.


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