shell game

this is an old post i was working on but forgot about till i found it again now. i still think it’s relevant so here it is:

the word wildlife fund recently filed a lawsuit against shell canada because the latter’s permits for arctic oil exploration expired in 1979 and were never renewed. now shell says they were already in talks with the canadian government about “giving” those permits back to canada before the WWF launched their lawsuit. in other words, “we at shell are generous and very concerned about the environment.”


“trussssssst me.”

bullshit. this is 100% typical big business bullshit.

first, shell is not stupid — i imagine they were very aware these permits expired 37 years ago but have somehow kept the fact quiet all this time.

second, are we supposed to believe it’s pure coincidence that shell is giving the permits to the nature conservancy of canada right around the time the WWF started a lawsuit about them? because that’s asinine. what’s even more asinine is shell claiming they started this process before WWF brought the issue up — as if shell is proactive about these matters, as if taking 37 fucking years to deal with such a situation is proactive, as if they don’t need environmental watchdogs to call them out on shit before they finally act on them. give me a break.

third, wtf is shell “giving” to the nature conservancy of canada? expired permits? those are worthless, they’re expired! so really, they actually don’t have anything to give but they’re pretending they do and making a big show of it to attempt to make themselves look like generous, environmentally concerned, non-assholes.

nope. fuck you, shell canada.

the reality of the situation is this: the WWF started a lawsuit against shell. shell took a look at things and thought, “fuck, there’s no way we can win this in court. backup plan: damage control. let’s spin this to make us look good.” shell then claims they were already doing something about the permits (making them look proactive), and then they ‘give’ their permits back to canada which makes way for more marine preservation (making them look environmentally concerned). shell never acknowledges that the permits were expired — that last bit is their elephant in the room because that would undermine their entire plan for positive spin.

this is why i don’t trust giant, rich, powerful corporations. snakes. PR. spin. utter bullshit.


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