fuck friday night lights

a few of my co-workers have been watching friday night lights lately so i’ve had to suffer through listening to a few episodes and man, it’s a fucking turd.

but i should thank it because it has made me realize one of the things i hate about not just this show but most popular tv series in general: if it isn’t a reality show, it’s a fucking soap opera. we don’t call them soap operas anymore — we reserve that title for the midday shows of the 80s, like the young and the restless, with their instantly recognizable weird, dark lighting and cheap-looking film quality — but that’s what these shows are. there are always at least a dozen story lines going on at any time, they all involve some kind of love triangle or similar sexual intrigue, every character flip flops between being good and evil, and the second you think a story line is resolving, some other detail emerges to create more drama for the next 3 or 4 episodes (that drama usually involves a ‘good’ character doing something morally questionable when they know they shouldn’t).

i don’t think that’s entertaining. i think it’s fucking irritating. i wouldn’t watch the young and the restless or any of those other garbage shows, and i won’t watch our hip modern versions of those either. fuck drama. fuck flip flopping. fuck characters who perpetually make insanely poor choices. i don’t relate. to me, that shit is as fantastical as wizards and dragons. it’s childish, stupid, so far removed from reality.


all these new shows are just as stupid and ‘out there’ as this.

of course i don’t have a problem with escapist entertainment. what i have a problem with is the lack of awareness or at least some irony in these shows. they take themselves so goddamn seriously, like it’s the most emotionally complex, powerful, moving art created, when it’s just a fucking soap opera, just like all the old shitty ones people laugh about now.


same shit

fuck it. i’m just going to keep watching the same three shows i actually enjoy: twin peaks, adventure time, the wonder years.


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