no time left for e-living

lately, i’ve been thinking about lots of stuff i’ve wanted to blog about. my recent obsession with visualizing the skeleton inside of every person i look at, people making dumb blanket statements like “feminism is stupid because i like to look attractive for myself, not because men make me,” and how irritating i find it when people concentrate so hard on stuff that they do weird things with their bodies. those are all things i want to elaborate on.

but i’ve been busy. i’ve been chopping firewood, building a firewood shelter, working on our cars, swimming with pals, camping with jenn, getting my hunting license, etc. i’ve even spent no time in the last two months on the 4wd tercel forum, which i’ve been a loyal and very active member for 7 years. that’s like quitting facebook for me, it creates so much more time for real life stuff, and that’s great.

but this blog is something that i like to keep doing. it’s very satisfying to me on a number of levels so it’s one of the few online things that i wish i have been doing more of lately. i’ll probably spend more time writing on it when the weather gets cold and rainy in the fall though so i’m not sweating it.

but while i’m here, i want to hit on those things i mentioned at the start of this post.

i’ve been reading the satanic verses by salman rushdie (i quite like it so far) and there is this line in it:

masks beneath masks until suddenly the bare bloodless skull.

i love that line, and it got me thinking more about an idea i’d had just prior to reading the book. the idea is that there is a skeleton inside each of us, and if we could see our skeletons and everyone elses, we might be more aware of our mortality. so now i keep looking at people and imagining what their skull would look like without eyes, lips, ears, skin, hair, etc. without those things, everyone is just a faceless skull, just a symbol of death. no personality, no individuality (except to the experienced or sharp-eyed viewer, of course). and that’s fascinating. i like thinking about stripping all of us down to the same basic structure, devoid of soft parts and character.

next: i just saw pictures of a UFC fighter, bec rawlings, stating she opposes feminism. but her reasoning is so fucking flawed that it’s asinine. here’s the pic i saw.


oh wow, so tough. is that a leopard print tattoo?

she goes on to say in text accompanying the pic that she is only oppressed by “feminists and white knights that judge me and want me to conform to their agenda…i am not weak, i make my own choices and i do what i want because i’m free.”

that’s dumb, and not just because it sounds like a 14-yr old goth kid rebellion. it’s dumb because a person claiming to be a feminist who is giving you shit for being yourself obviously doesn’t understand what feminism is, and isn’t a feminist in the first place. anyone should recognize that with just a few seconds of thought. so taking that person’s claim to heart and saying “fuck feminism” is like having a white person come up to you, tell you they’re green and that as a green person they disapprove of what you’re doing, and then you in turn saying “fuck green people!” that white person isn’t necessarily ACTUALLY green, and they certainly don’t speak for every green person, so telling all green people to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut is a really dumb thing to do.

wise up, rawlings.

lastly, i hate it when people driving cars lean hard to one side as they turn. wtf do people do that? it’s not a goddamn motorcycle. similarly, i think people look dumb when playing video games and moving the controller around as if that’s helping them move in the game. same with people pursing their lips or hunching their shoulders when they concentrate on stuff. relax, you jerks. loosen up, literally. you’re not helping yourself perform any better and you look nuts.

ta da, back in the saddle.


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