i’ve had it with scotiabank

jenn and i have had our mortgage with scotiabank for the last 5 years or so. it’s been fine up until recently, when things became extremely annoying and unprofessional.

4 months ago, we approached scotiabank about using the equity in our home to borrow some more money and buy a recreation property. jenn called and set up a meeting with the bank. the day came, we went there and told them who we were there to see, and they said they had no record of an appointment for us. strike one.

they shuffled some stuff around and got us in to see some lady named laurie. laurie came off as a little unprofessional but seemed ok otherwise. we talked about what we wanted, she explained how we would go about doing that, and in the end she said she would get things in motion and be in touch when we needed to sign some stuff. great.

then weeks passed. jenn emailed laurie to see what was up. laurie said her mother had died and she was dealing with that but would be back to work soon and catch up with us in a week. that sucked, but ok. shit happens.

more weeks passed. jenn emailed laurie again. this time laurie said she was just catching up, would be in touch soon. more weeks passed with no contact from her. before long, three months had passed since we first met laurie and she had done nothing for us. strike two, big time.

jenn contacted scotiabank and complained that laurie wasn’t doing shit for us. a guy there named joe got back to us and said we’d be dealing with him from now on. joe answered his emails promptly so that was a good start. he’s also been much more proactive than laurie but he also pissed us off in the last few days.

a week ago, we made an appointment for today at 2 pm. then yesterday, he emailed us and said “just confirming i’ll see you tomorrow at 11 am.” i said no, our appointment is for 2, and we can’t do 11. he wrote back and apologized, said he’d see us at 2. strike two and a half.

when we got there at 2 today, the notary who was supposed to be there was late. jenn only had 15 minutes so this was real bad. strike three.

to kill time while we waited for this unprofessional, late son of a bitch notary, joe chit chatted with us. he tried to talk us into moving our personal banking over to scotiabank. he already tried that a previous time we met him and we already said no thanks so that was redundant and annoying. then he asked us about paying our mortgage down early, and we explained that we make more money putting our extra cash into our investments than what we’d save by paying off our mortgage early — we basically said we’ve given this thought already so thanks but no thanks. but joe kept going with his spiel, explaining how he sits at home and watches the olympics and hey, if the mood strikes him, he just picks up his phone, uses the scotiabank app, and bam, he’s just put an extra $10 against his mortgage. wow, so easy! come on. that approach is fucking annoying. even if i did want to pay extra against my mortgage, that little display would have just talked me out of it.

finally, at 2:16 pm, we told joe we couldn’t wait any longer and had to leave. we said we’d have to reschedule next week. joe said he was away all next week. well, strike fucking four.

right then, gary the notary guy pulls into the parking lot. i opened the door for him, said “hi gary, we’re in a big hurry so we need to sign your forms and leave immediately.” we went back to joe’s office, jenn and i signed our names twice, and we ran out the door so jenn could rush to her next thing.

i can’t believe that these people are supposed to ‘professionals.’ that’s what you call financial folks, lawyers, etc, but the service by these people has been anything but. it’s fucking absurd. being MIA for three months, lost appointments, mixed up appointment times, 20 minutes late for appointments…christ.

and on top of that, i keep getting telemarketing calls from scotiabank trying to sell me more services. every time they call, they ask for jenn. i tell them this is not jenn’s phone # so i don’t know why they’re calling my # to reach her, that neither of us want any of their services anyway, and to remove both our names and phone #’s from their calling list and never call again — but they just keep calling. i think it’s been 4 times now in the last month.

so that’s it. go to hell, scotiabank, you and all your unprofessional professionals. we’ve had enough of your inept, terrible service so we’re taking our mortgage elsewhere as soon as it comes time to renew it. i can’t wait for that day.


the ‘S’ must stand for ‘shitty’


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