what do canadians look like?

i’ve been watching the olympics a little bit lately and i’ve noticed something that’s been bothering me. while so many other nationalities have a recognizable look, canadians don’t. we’re not tall, blonde, blue-eyed. we’re not dark-skinned and muscular. we don’t have beautiful olive complexions and great asses. we don’t have dark, curly hair and big prominent noses. we’re not fair-skinned with petite, elf-like features.

nope. we’re mutts.


like this

that’s an exaggeration, of course. i don’t think we’re generally ugly or anything. but you can’t look at someone and go, “they look canadian.” and that’s kind of a bummer to me. i like that old countries have generations upon generations of genetics distilling their particular traits. there’s some kind of proud, ancient force in that to me.

but we’re just a mixed bag of people from all over the place. we’ve got a little bit of everything. and that’s fine. it just doesn’t help inflame a sense of patriotism or heritage in me.


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