i love the end of summer

i’ve written about this several times already but every time we get to this time of year, i can’t help it. i love it. there’s something so bittersweet about the cooler weather, the dried yellow grass, the earlier evenings and later sunrises, the abundance of corn and pumpkins, the loss of swimming as an activity, the leaves changing colour and slowly piling up on the ground…it’s all perfect.

it also reminds me of a lot of movies i loved when i was growing up. it seemed like a lot of the horror movies i was into — children of the corn, it, the silver bullet, for example — had scenes involving small towns in early fall, often with some kind of fall fair. i still love that aesthetic. so i wonder if this time of year reminds me of those films and my memories of them, or if it’s the other way around, if i’ve always loved the season and that’s why i liked those shows.

i also wonder about the bigger picture implications, if i like this time of year because i like most things that are bittersweet, sad, depressing. i always think about the seasons in terms of the life cycle of a living thing, particularly how, in that sense, fall is the time of decline. it’s when things slow down, begin to wither, prepare to die. so it seems like this is just an extension of my obsession with death and dying.

but the end of summer and autumn aren’t depressing to me. or maybe they are, and i like that they are.

i don’t know. i just love this time of year.


i can’t wait to die


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