cull ’em all

humans cull various animals when they overrun areas, become rife with diseases, and generally get in the way of the things we want to do, yet we don’t employ that same strategy on ourselves. that’s hypocritical. considering the food and water shortages we are seeing our ballooning population and appetites cause in numerous parts of the world, the growing strength of common human illnesses like simple colds and flu viruses, and the rampant environmental damage we consistently cause (be it from fracking, burning coal, nuclear disasters, or otherwise), we’re clearly a massive scourge to this planet. i certainly don’t see why we shouldn’t be reining our own global populations in like we do with other creatures on this planet.



what’s really ironic about this is that the small scale damage caused by commonly culled species, like deer and coyote, obviously can’t hold a candle to the global devastation we’re guilty of. shit, we’re even polluting space with countless abandoned satellites. check out this neato gif that illustrates just how much junk we’ve got floating around up there.


i’d like to see a coyote try to pull off this level of harm.

i’m not delusional though. i’m not holding my breath for anyone to say, “you’re right, buddy. we consume, destroy, and leave far more waste than any other creature on the planet, and there’s way too many of us. time to thin the herd. let the human slaughter begin.” that’s ok. i’m confident that all the flus and noroviruses that are already killing people will continue growing stronger until they become full-blown epidemics. then i’ll finally be able to breathe sigh of relief, even if it’s my last one and it’s more of a cough due to cold.


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