sweep before you mop, you bastards

i work with some folks that love to mop and hate to sweep, and it drives me up the wall. it seems like common sense that doing so would just create a bunch of mud. i’ve even had conversations about this with people but they outright deny that what i’m saying makes any sense. they just yell, “it’s cleaner!” or say, “if you don’t like it, you do it your way.” and guess what, i do. and it looks a hell of a lot better. no streaks of filth, no spots of dried mud and sand.

what’s even worse is when some of my co-workers insist on spraying the garage floor with a hose for a half hour instead of sweeping it for 5 minutes. DURING WATER SHORTAGES. holy doodle, as if wasting all that water because you’re too lazy to push a broom isn’t bad enough, doing it when water levels are low is ludicrous. i think people should be forced take guided tours of municipal water plants, reservoirs, etc during droughts so they see something that clearly illustrates to them why we all need to change our wasteful habits, pronto.


i can forgive it when a cute bear wastes water but every person that does it is a dickhead.


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