i’m all pumped up

i noticed a long time ago that as we get older, it gets harder and harder to get excited about stuff. i mean, kids find just about everything thrilling — playing in the sand, climbing trees, building crap with lego. but everyone grows out of that stuff and starts seeking things that are more and more complex and difficult to obtain — jet skis, tropical vacations, impressive-sounding jobs with giant salaries.

that sucks.

it sucks that we end up wanting things that are harder to get because it means we are content less of the time. we spend more time working towards pleasing things instead of actually doing pleasing things. how stupid.

but i’m pleased as punch to say that lately, i’ve been fired up about a bunch of different things. i just got into both archery and playing drums, and those are really exciting and challenging in the way that only new hobbies can be. and playing drums has got me re-pumped on playing music in general so after not touching my guitar for 6 years, i’ve been playing it like a mad bastard lately and loving it. and just last year, i got into yoga, ended up really enjoying it, and am still doing it once or twice a week now. between all that stuff, i’ve got a lot of fun new things that i get excited to do each day. i think that’s great. simple pleasures, yee-haw.

i know that this won’t last forever. there will likely come a point where i get bored of these things just like i did with climbing trees and making sandcastles but that’s ok. the fact that i’ve managed to keep finding new hobbies even at age 36 gives me hope that i will continue to do so, or even just to come back to old things i’ve put down for a while, and continue to get pumped up on simple, wonderful things.

right up till i fucking die.


that last one is going to be the most fun.


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