michael bisping will never win in some people’s eyes

last night, UFC middleweight champ michael bisping defeated dan henderson by decision. it was a good fight, and a close fight, but bisping won it. i’m happy for him, but a lot of people aren’t. i keep seeing stupid comments on message boards about how bisping clearly lost the fight, how the judges were biased because the fight was in manchester, england (bisping’s hometown), how even though bisping won the fight he really didn’t because henderson is so old and past his prime that bisping should have finished him in short order, etc.

that’s all sour grapes bullshit.

bisping won the fight by landing more strikes and being more aggressive. check out the goddamned stats if you think otherwise.


henderson knocked bisping down twice (once in the first round and again in the second) but two knockdowns do not a fight win. and while hendo definitely won the first round, it was not a one-sided beatdown that would have earned hendo a 10-8 score for the round and affected the overall scoring.

as far as biased judges go, that’s a ridiculous suggestion. it implies that the judges were all fanatic british loyalists. that’s stupid. it’s not like the UFC just looks on the local craigslist for judges who conveniently live nearby. the judges all have different heritages and come from different places so why would they be biased in favour of bisping?

but this last one is the one that bothers me the most. just a few months ago when henderson knocked out hector lombard, countless MMA were frothing at the mouth about how tough henderson still is, how he’s still one of the most dangerous fighters in the game, yada yada. but after bisping defeated him, i see plenty of MMA fans saying that hendo is so over the hill that if bisping were a real champ, he would have rolled over hendo. and you know that if hendo had won last night, those same folks would still be spouting the “hendo’s immortal” rhetoric. you just can’t win with them. dickheads.

on a similar note, i’m also sick of people saying that bisping being champ is a fluke, a joke, that he doesn’t deserve it. that’s fucking stupid. he holds the record for the most wins in UFC history (currently at 20), and is now on a 5-fight win streak, having defeated big names like anderson silva, luke rockhold, and now dan henderson — how can anyone believe that bisping achieved this shit purely by luck? the odds of that occurring would be, oh, IMPOSSIBLE. christ almighty. i understand that some people just plain don’t like bisping but he deserves credit for the amazing things he has achieved. he has earned his success and anyone who doesn’t believe it is uniformed or in denial.

congrats, bisping.

Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson


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