rom-com’s: barf

my friend at work is watching a movie called as good as it gets. i’ve never heard of it before. it’s fucking terrible, one of the worst things i’ve had the displeasure of being exposed to.

romantic comedies suck so bad. the way they try to illustrate two quirky, lovable people who seem like they’d be a terrible match for each other, how they end up being great together, then there’s some sort of misunderstanding that almost ends their perfect relationship, and then BAM the resolution, everyone’s laughing and in love and stuff is great!

what a pile of shit.

do the people involved in making these films feel guilty about it? when they’re filming all the cutesy ‘getting to know each other’ scenes, the ‘awkward’ humour scenes, does everyone on the set go, “haha, that was great! we’ve got a really good, original, touching film on our hands here!” or do they bow their heads in dismay and say, “well, i don’t think you can do any better. i guess that’s that.” i hope it’s the latter.

actually, i wish they would say, “you know what, this is awful. just terrible. the funny parts aren’t funny and the touching parts aren’t touching. and it’s extremely predictable and contrived. let’s just pull the plug now.”


“i fucked up. i deserve this.”

some of my friends think i’m a pain in the ass for being so bitter about stuff like this but i don’t know how anyone can not hate the human race when they witness such trite, inane shit. i think about the army of people and all their work that goes into making a horrible film like as good as it gets — millions of dollars, countless hours of writing (HA! yeah right), filming, editing, promotion — and i have to question the values of all those people involved in it. what kind of person can invest so much time and effort in creating a vapid, empty piece of shit and not hate themselves for it?

i mean, fuck. it’s not even entertaining. this is totally worthless. this brings me no joy.

god damn it, i hate romantic comedies.


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