halloween 2016: a triumph, of sorts

last night was the saturday before halloween so it was the big party night of the season. i wanted to make the most of it this year because last year, i went to a halloween party around here with all of our friends yet somehow didn’t have a great time.

so this year, my plan was simply to not stick around here, to go somewhere else and see what happened. i just wanted to do something different, and being in a different environment with different people seemed like a good way to facilitate that.


the original killer clown

jenn wound up having plans with some friends so she wasn’t into playing it fast and loose with me but dana was. we got our costumes on, went down to victoria, and met paul and kate at the oak bay jack-o-lantern display. even while dana and i sat on a bench waiting for paul and kate, the night already felt good. i went as pogo the clown and was amazed at the reactions i got. it turns out kids love clowns. i had a lot of little kids walk up just to say hi, some asked for a balloon, and some parents wanted to take their kids pictures with me. i was shocked but pleased to no end. i felt like the grinch, initially aiming to disturb and frighten people (or the few who recognized this particular clown, anyway) but i ultimately felt good and making them happy. i told dana this would probably end up being the highlight of my night.

paul and kate arrived, we checked out the jack-o-lanterns. then we went to the ‘fear on the pier’ haunted house. it was a bit of a letdown since it was nowhere near as scary as the haunted houses of previous years but it was still fun just to be out, embracing the spirit of the season.

then we met up with steph and her friends at a house party. we met her pals and they were all really nice. the hostess had a great costume and was as crazed about horror movies and disturbing flicks as me so i was thrilled to chat with her. i then dashed off to pick up ben, brought him back to the party, we had some laughs, we eventually followed steph and her crew to logan’s pub for a bit, then walked to her boyfriend’s place, and by about 2:30 am, i decided it was time to head home.

we dropped paul and kate off at home, and then began an arduous quest for mcdonald’s food. we wend to FOUR different mcdonald’s in victoria — all of which are normally open 24 hrs, i believe — and NONE WERE OPEN. it was the weirdest thing. they all had hastily printed signs that said stuff like “sorry closed try the mcdonald’s on pandora.” after the fourth failure, we gave up. dana and i dropped ben off at home and headed north. but as we approached the langford turnoff, i felt a burning desire to end this night on a triumphant note. i thought, we want mcdonald’s so god damn it, we will have mcdonald’s. as it turned out, we were the very last customers of the night at this location before they also shut down. i ate too much greasy shit and felt shameful and too full, but i also felt vindicated. we had persevered, and we were victorious.

i got home, washed the oily shit off my face and flopped into bed at 4:15 am. it wasn’t a wild, crazy, debaucherous night that we will tell stories about for years to come, but it was just as great a night in the sense that i accomplished exactly what i had hoped i would: i intentionally went and did some different stuff, met some different people, and had a different night than usual. i had mixed it up and had a good time, and that in itself is a huge moral victory that leaves me feeling great even though the night itself was nothing insane.

so it was a good, solid, medium night. and i was right, giving kids balloons, chatting with them, and posing for pictures was my fave part. who knew being nice would feel so good.



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