more annoying dream stories

jenn hates to hear about my dreams so here’s another one for the blog.

this morning i had a crazy nightmare. i don’t remember how it started but i remember being with two petite, very sexy women when i realized it was a lucid dream. i was like, “wicked,” and started having a threesome with them, basically just having them do typically sexy stuff. it was fantastic.

but all of a sudden, when i was mentally directing one to squeeze her beautiful, naked small breasts, something changed and she looked directly at me with a cold, robot-like stare and asked me where i was. it was an odd and unsettling question. i had a vague understanding that this was her way of saying, “i realize the you that is here is just an avatar and i don’t like your game. i want a meeting with the mind that is behind this facade.”

her eye contact was strange too. it wasn’t just her looking at me in the dream, it was like she was breaking the 4th wall of my dream and staring straight into my mind — she had figured out the situation and was looking behind the curtain at the puppet master. that was the most frightening part. she wasn’t fiery or angry but she was terrifyingly blank, just solely focused achieving her goal of taking control of the situation by any means necessary.

i was very scared by all of this. i was scared for my mind because it felt like some alien presence that i had created now wanted to put a hand mixer to my brain and completely destroy the thing that was enslaving her. i had never experienced any sort of mutiny of my dream subjects before, and here was such an intent one. and after things started so well, jeez.

around this time i heard some kind of a buzzing sound, which i assumed was my cell phone in the waking world. i had left it next to the bed, but i wasn’t sure if that was part of the dream or reality, and i didn’t like being unsure of something else on top of the mess i was already in.

i was surprised and scared by the woman’s rebellion but quickly remembered this was my dream and i could direct it to go any way i wanted. i decided to teach this insubordinate automaton a lesson and attempted to rend her and the other girl to ribbons of meat but was surprised once again when they refused to go quietly, fighting against my mental attack. instead of basically vaporizing like i wanted, they became a howling, twisting, amorphous mass of churning flesh that was struggling to retain their original shapes and compositions. they looked like something out of a cronenberg movie. i was alarmed less by the disgusting visual and more that despite the fact i wanted them gone, they were strong enough to resist me at all. i felt pain in my right foot at this point around and realized they were attempting to do the same thing to me as i was doing to them. i worried, “is this still just the dream? if they defeat me, do i just wake up like normal or will i lose my mind forever and become a vegetable?”

then without explanation, it was all over and i found myself in a peaceful black limbo. it seemed that i won the battle. how anticlimactic, i know, but that’s how it went. anyway, i contemplated what had just happened and was still uneasy about it. i decided to do something fun to lighten my mood, and wound up riding gently down a kind of slip n’ slide on my stomach through a lavish sci-fi pleasure dome resort that was full of pastel pink and blue lights. the night sky was littered with stars. i was still too bothered by the preceding events to fully enjoy the slip n’ slide fun and weird surroundings but it was amazing nonetheless.

i woke up from the dream, thought, “whoah, that was crazy. i need to remember this and write it down,” hence this post. then i remembered the buzzing sound from my dream. i checked my phone and sure enough, it had vibrated when i received a text message 10 minutes before i woke up. it turned out i was too late to join my friend michael for a dog walk but man, what a dream i had instead. it was like my own personal blade runner nightmare.

i like my mind.


uuuggghhh. since i was a kid, this album cover has really bothered me but it seems to fit here.


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