ask and ye shall receive

i used to have a few light organs. what are light organs? this.

i got them when i worked at salvation army after high school. they were so fucking retro and shitty yet awesome. i wound up using them for my noise band at the time, since we were all about the shitty yet awesome aesthetic. we would connect them to the keyboard player’s amp so that the louder he played, the more lights would come on and flash.

needless to say, it was fucking sweet.

a few years later, i wound up moving and didn’t have much storage space. my band was also on long term hiatus so i donated the light organs back to salvation army.

i have regretted it ever since.

this last spring, i decided to right this terrible wrong. first i tried looking up youtube vids on how to make my own light organ but all of the instructions i found were for fucking digital ones. no warm old-style light bulbs, no textured, frosted panel to pixelate the lights, no cool/gross fake wood boxes — the modern homemade kind absolutely lacked the charm of the originals, plus they weren’t as easy to make as i had hoped, so that was a dead end.

next i looked around online and at stores like spencer gifts but all the stuff i found was not quite what i wanted, and typical ‘made in china’ garbage too. they were tiny, overpriced, poorly made, and the LEDs were either fully on or fully off with no ability to fade in or out. useless.

as a last resort, i posted a wanted ad on craigslist. i’ve had success in the past looking for obscure things using this approach so i thought so i thought i’d give it a shot, however unlikely.

well guess what. here i am, 7 months later, the proud own of two 70’s light organs again. a guy found them on the side of the road in victoria a few years ago, took them home, got tired of them, put them in storage, saw my ad, and figured they should go to a new home.

i am elated.

it just goes to show that when you put a request out even just to your small-ish local community, you may end up getting exactly what you hoped for, even if what you hoped for is an obscure piece of junk from the 70s.

thank you, generous dude. thank you, craigslist. thank you, universe.


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