“conor mcgregor is the new anderson silva”

phil sent me a text the other night after conor mcgregor knocked out eddie alvarez. it said mcgregor is like anderson silva in his prime, and that text made something click for me.

phil’s right. i’ve always thought mcgregor looked fantastic in his fights but it’s been hard to admit just how good he is because of how much i dislike his current persona (he was actually quite nice and normal until a few fights into his UFC career). but when i put that dislike aside, i have to acknowledge how impressed i’ve been by him since the first time i watched him fight. he is so relaxed yet calculated, smooth yet powerful — just like silva was at his best — that watching mcgregor fight is like watching poetry in motion. he fights the best fighters in the world and makes them crumble while looking like he is barely even working up a sweat. it’s absolutely amazing.

i still find him annoying as all hell when hyping himself up so i’m not sure if i’ll ever be able to root for him but at the very least, from now on i will be more aware of the talent that i am witnessing when i watch him fight. it’s rare we get to see people who are preternaturally gifted so i want to embrace those opportunities when i have them, even if conor is a loud-mouthed twat most of the time.


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