week nights are alright

i love doing stuff on week nights. it usually feels like such a slog to get through the week to the fun stuff on the weekend but when i do shit after work on week nights, it helps me feel like week nights aren’t just something i have to simply get through. it gives me stuff to look forward to, like, right now.

for example, last night i worked out after work, then dana and i watched the stephen king flick, dream catcher. say what you will about that one but we both loved it. it was so over the top. it just kept getting more and more ridiculous, and it’s hard to tell if it’s meant seriously or if it’s intended to be silly — i like that ambiguity. anyway, it made for a really nice night after work.

and the night before, i went down to victoria and visited my mom and grandad who i hadn’t seen in a long time. we went for dinner at his favourite restaurant (jonathan’s in james bay, if anyone is interested in a funny, classically seniors-oriented place) and had a nice time catching up.

and last wednesday night, bill and i went to chances casino in duncan for their open face hot turkey sandwiches followed by some gambling. it’s gross and funny, which we both really like. so we’re going to do that more often. it’s another great low key but fun thing to do on a week night every now and then. indian tacos are the featured menu item next week, oh boy!

none of these nights were like, whoah, crazy, but all were out of the norm enough that it made them interesting. it made them something to look forward to, and that’s all i want. i just want to have fun.


fun, fun, fun, fun


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