night sounds

jenn and i sleep with the window open, and it’s not uncommon that we hear weird sounds in the night. last night when we went to bed, we heard a strange high pitched “eeeeee” followed by some distant, echo-y hooting that didn’t sound like owls (but probably was). and we hear that kind of mysterious stuff all the time. i remember once jenn and i both woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning to hear a single, drawn out, absolutely otherworldly cry. it lasted a few seconds. i was half asleep and the first thing i thought was, “what the fuck is that?” then jenn whispered to me, “are you awake? did you hear that?” i was so glad she heard it too because no description can capture how haunting and terrifying it was. i still have no idea what that sound was. maybe a rabbit being caught and killed by a cat? i don’t know.

but it’s not just here in the country where i hear weird things at night. when i think about times i’ve slept in cities, i’ve heard strange things too. usually i can figure them out pretty quick so they’re not so freaky in that way but sometimes they’ve been no less alarming. one time in downtown duncan (not much of a city, i know, but anyway) when i was crashing at some hippie house, i was woken up by a yell or a bang, i can’t remember which now. i got up from my mattress on the living room floor (ugh, hippies) and looked out the window. i saw a 20-something year old guy running as fast as he could down the street. he either threw down or dropped something along his way. it looked like a sandwich of some kind. then coming up behind him, i saw another guy running after him. i can’t remember what this second guy said, something like “i’m gonna get you.” it was clear the first guy was being chased by the second, and running for his life. i’ve always imagined the first guy was a burglar who found a leftover subway sandwich in the fridge of the house he was robbing, but then he woke up the people living there and made a break for it with the sandwich, only to abandon it once he realized how fast the other guy was. who knows. it was kind of funny to see though.

another time i was staying in a disgusting, cockroach-infested hostel in nice, france. i awoke to the sounds of a man and woman screaming at each other, just below the hostel window. i drifted back to sleep and woke up again shortly after, this time to ceaseless banging on a door downstairs. someone would bang on the door like 20 times, wait  10 or 15 seconds, and then do it again. this went on for maybe 15 minutes. i drifted back to sleep again and awoke later to flashing blue lights coming in the window. i looked outside and there was an ambulance parked out there. a little while later, the medics came out carrying someone on a stretcher with a bunch of tubes and crap hooked up to them. my experience of all this was hazy due to being half asleep, which made it sort of scary, sort of new french extremity-ish. that was a long, strange night.

it’s funny how many weird sounds occur at night. i wonder if i just notice them more because it’s quiet out so the few sounds stand out more, or if i’m simply not accustomed to night sounds because i’m usually sleeping then, or if more spooky, weird shit really does happen at night. i bet it’s a combination of all those.


4 thoughts on “night sounds

  1. I can so relate to your weird-sounds-at-night stories!!! Kevin and I have been baffled many times in the same way.

    I have to share the time while living on Saltspring, I was awoken by the drawn out blood curdling scream of what sounded like a woman being massacred. It came from the direction of the road. I had no idea if it was real or imagined, but I lay in bed paralyzed by fear and the shame of thinking someone needed help and I was too afraid to investigate.

    I fully expected to find a crime scene outside when day broke, but there was never any explanation for what I heard, or thought I heard. I shudder at the memory of that ungodly scream, to this day, and am deeply sorry for being too much of a coward at the time to offer assistance. If in fact it was needed. I was 19 or 20 at the time.

  2. The beginning of this post reminded me of a movie – did you ever see The Fourth Kind? 2009 (I think) sci-fi/thriller kind of think with Mila Jovovich?

  3. so funny you mention that. yes, seen it, absolutely loved it. i fell for the fake documentary angle like a sucker. even once i learned it was fake, i was still terrified at night for weeks. so of course, i think about the owls at the window when i hear those sounds at night.

    1. Actually, when I learned it was fake I looked into it more and I was even more impressed with how they planted fake news stories etc that weren’t too publicized leading up to the movie release. Subtle and clever! I loved that movie too.

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