working men to my rescue

i wanted to follow up on a post i made a while back about my search for ethical clothing that doesn’t look stupid on me. at the time, i was having zero luck and was really annoyed about it. but i’ve since found a good source for stuff like socks, underwear, and work shirts that are made in canada and the US: the working man’s store!


this is the place.

not mark’s work wearhouse, you dummy. that’s not real working man shit. you don’t see filthy, stinking, bearded lumberjacks shopping there. in duncan, the real working man’s store is a-one safety & industrial supply. here is their website. they mostly sell stuff like high visibility gear and cork boots — shit that actual working men use. but they also sell socks and shit, and most of them are made here.

after i noticed that, i felt dumb for not thinking about it sooner. of course working men would care about buying domestic goods, what with all the ‘buy american’ and ‘ban raw log exports’ type of rhetoric they’re famous for. working men want to keep jobs in their home countries, and an unintentional but positive byproduct of making goods here is that canada and the US have much higher environmental and workplace standards than sweatshops in bangladesh. so by BUYING AMERICAN!! (or canadian) i’m able to financially support those higher standards that i value.

well, hot dog.


step one down. now i just need to convince these domestic companies to make their cotton and shit organically, without harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers. yeah right. but i’m still happy to have made any progress at all on this. i was down to basically wearing rags for undies and was considering going commando from now on.

jk, that’s gross.


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