i’m so sick of looking at beautiful asses

today i saw a pic of rising jiu jitsu and MMA star mackenzie dern in the news. the pics was of her standing in a flannel shirt and some sexy underwear, looking coy and showing a bit of her fantastic ass.


lord above

naturally, my initial reaction was, “wow, i love seeing beautiful asses on sexy girls like this.” but my second, quieter, yet somehow stronger reaction was, “posting pics like this on any social media is for fucking douchebags.”

yup. while i love what i see, i also hate it because dern’s pic reminds me of dickheads like this guy.



there’s no difference between dern’s pic and this guy’s. both appear to be superficial dickwads who would probably annoy the hell out of me so it bothers me that i cut dern any more slack than the guy, even if it is just for a few seconds of drooling.

i wonder if it’s similar for heterosexual women. when they see the two above examples, do they look at dern and think, “douchebag”? and when they look at the male version, is it a guilty pleasure? do they think “i would want nothing to do with this man but i sure do enjoy looking at his body”? do they feel as conflicted about the images of the male douchebag as i do about dern?

then i feel like i need to examine why i consider people who post these kinds of pics douchebags. i don’t fault people for being proud of their great bodies. i think that’s a good thing. i want people to be fit and healthy, and i want people to be proud and confident. but it’s the second part there that i don’t think is necessarily true with people who tend to post this shit. i think most people who post this stuff do it out of insecurity and lack of self esteem. i think people who are truly proud and confident don’t usually feel the need to post this kind of stuff publicly and lap up the praise of strangers. i know these are all big generalizations i’m making but typically, i think that’s how this stuff works.

but i guess another aspect to consider is that sex sells, and if someones persona or image is a product they are marketing, then posting sexy pics is part of their self promotion. the more guys that learn dern’s name and think “that sexy instagram chick is fighting on a pay per view tonight, maybe i’ll watch that,” the more money she is going to earn. i don’t have much respect for that approach but i understand it. everyone wants more money, me included.

however, none of this is changing how i feel about the meat and potatoes of this topic. i understand using sexy social media pics to promote yourself, and i understand that some people posting sexy pics are not shallow, pathetic worms with zero confidence…but i don’t care. i don’t think much of using sex appeal to sell a non-sexual product, and i don’t think i have much in common with people who are into posting this kind of stuff, period, so i really can’t get past it.

in other words: no, mackenzie dern, i’m afraid i’m not interested in ravaging your gorgeous body. you’ll just ¬†have to find some other incredibly lucky son a bitch to do that for you. i’m too cynical.


One thought on “i’m so sick of looking at beautiful asses

  1. Women (ok, this one) think immediately for male or female bod pics – ‘douchebag’. It’s sad, really, that people feel the need to show off their bodies on social media. Wasn’t this considered soft core porn 20 years ago, when you had to buy the mag to see it? Yet now, it’s out there for every nick, bob, joanne and 13 year old to drool over…just to gain a bit of popularity from strangers?! I wish these people had some class. Really.

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