my gore ceiling

last night i was watching something on youtube when i saw a suggested video entitled ‘splatter gore compilation part 1.’ that got my attention instantly. i grew up watching shit that made me sick, scared the hell out of me, shook my faith in humanity, etc so this seemed right up my alley. and it was, at least for the first 5 minutes.

by the time i got to about 6 minutes in, i actually started to feel lousy. i wasn’t going to barf or anything like that, i just suddenly felt unhappy. i also got a headache. it was really weird. i think what happened is that, as drawn as i am to senseless gore and violence, i must have a limit of how much i can take in a sitting. sort of like eating sugary shit — i’ve got a hell of a sweet tooth but after several pieces of cake and a half dozen cookies, even i lose my hunger for any more of the stuff.

anyway, it really surprised me because i’ve never come close to getting my fill of blood and guts before. the goriest scenes have always been the parts i’ve looked forward to the most so this was an eye-opening experience for me.

the take-away is that in the future, i’ll limit my gore-binging to only 4 minutes.

here’s said video, in case anyone else wants to feel shitty.


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