jon anik sucks

i’ve bitched about UFC commentator mike goldberg before but i think jon anik is even worse.



anik is like goldberg jr, an even stupider, even sillier commentator. he rips off the other commentators, but he doesn’t even use his ripped off material correctly. for example, in joe rogan’s post fight interviews, he sometimes tells fighters it’s been an honour to call their fights. but of course, rogan reserves this kind of talk for legends and veterans of the sport like ronda rousey — whereas anik has started saying it to fucking anyone. i just heard him say it to jorge masvidal. masvidal. who? that’s right. masvidal is that guy who has lost a bunch of boring, lackluster fights by decision in the UFC. as if it’s not bad enough ripping off joe rogan, why would anik say such a stupid thing to a fighter like masvidal? that comment doesn’t even make sense.

i also hate how he tries to amplify the emotions of a given moment, and how poorly he does it. when he finishes a post fight interview with the winner of a fight, he gets loud — sort of, a little bit — and makes his voice a little rough…but not too rough, because he doesn’t want to have a sore throat tomorrow. it’s like ‘excitement lite,’ and it totally kills anything exciting about that moment. but tonight after talking with jake ellenberger about losing his fight with masvidal due to a weird technical issue with the fence, anik said ellenberger’s name with a soft, sad, quiet voice, like someone’s pet just died and he was trying to show sympathy. it was ridiculous. it’s like anik thinks his audience is a bunch of 8 yr old kids, like he’s a character on the fucking doodlebops. “ok kids, let’s put on our sad faces now.”


i’d actually like him more if he dressed like this.

come on man, grow up. know your audience. stop talking like a fucking idiot.

better yet, he should stop talking altogether. i hope the new UFC owners fire his ass asap.


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