garbage humans

a few days ago, i almost wrote a blog post about how stupid and shitty ‘reality’ tv shows like vanderpump rules are. i was going to go on about how phony and obviously scripted they are, how people who want to be the subjects of reality shows are pathetic attention addicts, and how i think these shows are horrible influences on kids because a lot of them can’t tell it’s not real and end up looking up to the petty, shallow, melodramatic, rude dickheads they’re watching.


i’m so glad someone else thought so.

anyway, i was going to write that post but decided it was all obvious stuff that didn’t need to be said, so i abandoned it.

then jenn watched an episode of vanderpump rules that was filmed in june of 2016, right after the shooting at a gay night club in florida where 49 people were killed, and the episode focused largely on the cast’s reaction to the shooting. they were all crying for the camera, acting downcast, asking each other “are you ok?” and then responding “no, i’m not ok. it’s just like, what are we supposed to do? are we supposed to just go on with our lives? should we just stay home and reflect on this tragedy? i mean, what do we do? what do we do?”

i had walked away from this topic but that bullshit brought me right back.

it’s bad enough these shows intentionally blur the line between reality and entertainment so much and influence their dumb viewers to act horribly in real life, but i think capitalizing on a tragedy like that night club shooting is beyond low. using real life death and carnage as fodder for drama and crocodile tears is truly despicable. these people are literally profiting from a tragedy.

my rage over this is so massive, i feel like i could write an essay on the topic but those last few sentences really sum it up, so nothing more needs to be said.

in summary, i think the people behind vanderpump rules and all similar tv shows are outright scum. garbage people.

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