giving up on giving to

at the end of every year, it’s the same damn thing from charities. there’s always a big push to donate more money to them. they use all kinds of different approaches, like “kris kristofferson just pledged to double any donations made before midnight tomorrow!” or the more downcast “2016 was a tough year and we won’t make it through 2017 unless we can raise $15,000 in the next week.”

i hate this stuff. first off, i hate excessive emails so when i start getting emails every fucking day from avaaz and the david suzuki foundation, i get very irritated. second, i already give an ass load of money to a half dozen charities each year. i currently make monthly donations to four charities, and occasionally make one-off donations to others as well. i feel like asking me for more is ungrateful. it’s insulting. of course i love the work they do and know they need more money to keep fighting the good fights but i’m already giving as much as i can.

there should be a way to opt out of these ‘year end push’ emails. i still want the updates and shit throughout the year, it’s just the december tidal wave of these “gimme gimme” emails that pisses me off.


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