no one uses phones for talking anymore

i keep running into this and it really pisses me off: people i know avoid talking on the phone at all costs. co-workers will want to ask one of our bosses a question but they’ll ask me to call them. if i don’t call, they won’t call to ask for themselves. or they’ll want to do something out of protocol and i’ll say, “i’m fine with that but call the big boss man to confirm it’s ok with them,” but my co-workers will get irritated and say “fuck it, i’m not calling them. forget it.” i see it with my friends too. i’ll call a pal who NEVER ANSWERS THEIR PHONE, leave a voice mail, and not hear back from them. then i’ll run into that friend a few days later and they’ll inevitably tell me they didn’t get the message until the next day when it was too late and that’s why they never called me back. there must be something really messed up with their phones since there is a consistent several day lag on receiving my messages.

i don’t know why this is, why so many people are afraid to talk on the phone now. i’m sure a large part of it is that we are now more used to non-verbal communication like texting, but i don’t think it’s just that. i sense a great fear, a deep dread of phone talking from these people. when i’m around them and their phone rings, they really don’t want to answer it. they look at the call display (another fairly modern thing that may discourage people from answering their phone) and say, “ah, it’s _____. i don’t feel like talking to them now,” and press ‘ignore.’ it kills me because i know they do the very same thing to me when they’re with other people and i’m not around.

and i don’t get it. what are people so afraid of?

i don’t have a fucking problem with answering the phone or calling people. i love it. i like hearing voices and making more intimate connections with people. i’m a misanthrope but i’m also a friendly guy. i’m a practical guy too, and spending hours typing page after page of texts on my phone when i could just call someone and hash it out in 30 seconds doesn’t make any sense to me.

people are weird and annoying.


this is how i think people should generally react to a phone call, hair-do included.


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