post-december blues

i don’t really feel motivated to write but i’m super bored at work. boredom breeds creation, it seems. i think that applies to all the gross white trash in the world that have like 6 kids even though they can’t afford any of them.

anyway, lately i’ve been thinking about what a drag this time of year is. there is so much going on in december that come january 2nd, i’m shocked to be reminded that there’s really nothing much going on until june when summer legitimately hits. no one gives a fuck about valentine’s day, st. patrick’s day, easter, mother’s day, or any of the other boring bullshit goes on between now and then. actually, maybe that’s just me. maybe some couples really do plan romantic getaways for valentine’s day, and i guess tons of drunk frat boys and girls like to get ESPECIALLY smashed on st. patrick’s day, so let me rephrase my complaint: i don’t give a fuck about any of the upcoming holidays, and after all the gatherings and events in december, it’s sort of a letdown to readjust to such a long period bereft of social events.

jenn and i often have a big party for our birthdays in march though, so maybe we will do that again. and amanda is having a big party next week. also, i’ve been thinking about organizing another trip to visit jordan out in tofino and maybe go to the hot springs there. and i want to go see the new star wars movie in duncan with jenn and then walk around downtown with hot chocolate. so the immediate future really isn’t that bleak. it just feels like it in the wake of a hawaiian vacation, festivus, xmas eve, xmas, family get-togethers, friend get-togethers, and new years eve, all jammed into a 3 week period.

so really, 2017 is off to a not great but not horrible, basically average start. hoo-ray.


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