die die die

i was just looking on the SPCA website and saw a cute puppy that needs a home. then i saw it has “special needs.” i wondered what those needs could be so i clicked on its profile. turns out it has megaesophagus and needs to be fed a strict diet, very carefully, for the rest of its life. any bleeding hearts out there looking for a 10-year burden they’d like to take on?

i think it’s nuts how many things we want to save. don’t get me wrong, that dog is an adorable creature and it’s a fucking sad shame that it has a lifelong, horrible condition like that, but i personally don’t see the sense in prolonging its life. in the wild, that dog would be a runt in the litter and die naturally in short order. that’s how things go: the strong survive, the weak die. it’s the natural order, and i don’t like fucking with it.

but people seem to want to save every animal, and every person. if some people are dying while trying to eke out an existence in a fucking desert with scarce food and water, we want to send them food and medical supplies. if a 90-yr old woman has dementia, is bedridden, and requires full time care to feed her yogurt and change her diapers, we’ll pay someone to do that. if a house cat is severely burned, we want to nurse it back to health and find someone to look after it for the rest of its life. i don’t agree with this kind of stuff. i think we need to accept that if someone or something is or will be unable to look after itself, there’s a good possibility we should let it go.


put it out of its fucking misery, for heavens sake. anything else is selfish.

part of what really bothers me about this stuff is that we treat humans like some kind of precious commodity, like human lives are something we can’t afford to waste or spare. but at 7.2 billion people and counting, and food and water scarcity and pollution becoming real issues in many parts of the world, that’s ludicrous. i think we’d be much better off to let nature run its course more often than not. the more people we jam onto this mudball planet, the faster we race to our impending doom.

it might take a stony heart to pull the plug on so many sick people and animals but i believe it would be in the best interest of the entire planet, and i think that’s far bigger, far more humane mission to strive for.


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