the doomsday clock

i read in the news today that the doomsday clock has recently been advanced to 2.5 minutes to midnight. not knowing much about the clock, this got me pretty excited. i assumed that, like time, the clock only moves forward, which meant that we had taken another step towards inevitable nuclear war that we could not take back.

sadly though, i did some reading and learned that it’s not a literal metaphor, that time on the old doomsday clock does in fact move forward and backward. not only that, the clock is not definitive at all. it’s just the opinion of a bunch of very smart, very educated people who are taking the likelihood of nuclear war and global climate disaster into account. yes, they have a very good idea of what they’re talking about, but no, it doesn’t mean humanity is definitely going to experience something catastrophic.

that’s all well and good — i think the doomsday clock is a very worthwhile thing for those folks to keep working on — but i admit that i was greatly disappointed by what i learned. i keep hoping for some kind of global reset, something that demolishes nations and our current structures of society and politics, and instates some real chaos into our world. i want to people to have to hunt and farm for their food, to have to build their homes by hand. i want to be scared when i see other people because i don’t know if they’re friendly or looking to kill me for what i have. i want to level the playing field so that the 1% are just as vulnerable as everyone else. i want life to be the same challenge for humans as it is for every other creature on this planet. and i thought we were that much closer to making such a wilderness our reality. well, phooey.

go ahead, drop the bombs. bring on midnight. i want to test myself.


tick tock, DING! global annihilation, hooray!


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