the importance of driving for the conditions, having travel insurance, and good parenting

well, well. another irritating news story, another blog post.


two canadian girls rented a hot pink jeep in thailand (girls and jeeps, of course). they crashed it (the father of one girl innocuously stated that “the rented Jeep apparently had trouble with heavy rains”), killing one girl and injuring the other. the surviving girl is now in hospital in thailand, and her parents are trying to raise funds for her medical bills because she didn’t have travel insurance.

there are a few things wrong with this picture.

first, let’s admit that the jeep did not crash into a lamp post on its own, that driver error is likely at least a partial cause of the accident. vehicles don’t just hop into posts as soon as it rains. that usually occurs when someone is driving too fast for the conditions.

second, why didn’t these girls get travel insurance before heading to the other side of the planet?

third, why didn’t the parents get travel insurance for their kids? this is the kind of thing parents are supposed to do. maybe the kids have never traveled internationally before and weren’t aware of how important insurance is in those situations, but the parents were probably aware and should have imparted that wisdom on their offspring.

on the bright side, when i went to the gofundme page to scowl and mutter to myself about how pathetic the world is, i noticed that lots of people — including the man behind the gofundme campaign — were already talking in the comments section about the lessons they hoped this story was teaching everyone about travel insurance. i guess this is really not a unique story, it is just one that happened to get picked up by major news networks, so maybe it will help prevent countless others from ending up in the same nightmare situation. that’s about all i can hope for at this point.


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